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We are passionate about bettering the lives of those we meet on our journeys and preserving the beauty of the oceans, rivers and lands in which we travel.

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Purchasing Guidelines

Crystal's standard of excellence not only applies to purchasing the best product possible, but purchasing it in the most ethical manner possible, as well. Accordingly, our humanitarian and green interests are taken into consideration for every purchase we make. Some examples of our ethos in action include

Buying local: We bring a significant inflow of cash to destinations our ships visit via our local expenditures and guests’ tourist dollars. Where possible, we prefer and encourage local spending, on:

• Fresh fish
• Fruits and vegetables
• Specialty items
• Tour operators and guides
• Transportation companies
• Retail shops
• Restaurants

Eco-conscious vendor support: We ask all vendors that want to do business with Crystal Cruises to:

• Show us a list of their verifiable environmental efforts
• Alert us to any new product offerings they may have which are more environmentally friendly

Ethical quality control: We strive to nurture business relationships with outside companies whose product and service ethics also mirror our own. Accordingly, wherever possible, we:

• Select philanthropically-minded tour operators and business partners who also give back to their own communities
• Inspect suppliers’ manufacturing factories and facilities
• Source sustainable seafood

All of our purchase orders for purchasable goods state explicitly that we do not condone monetary favors of any kind for securing of goods and services that we use on the ship.