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Caring Beyond Our Ships' Corridors

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We are passionate about bettering the lives of those we meet on our journeys and preserving the beauty of the oceans, rivers and lands in which we travel.

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Socially Responsible Service

We care about the planet. We care about our guests, our employees, and the travel partners with whom we do business. We care about our impact on the world and strive to do our very best in everything we do. Our ethos of extraordinary service to others extends well beyond our ships’ corridors. With a spirit of goodwill, we sail the globe, connecting intimately with communities worldwide in ways that are both meaningful and conscientious. Crystal cares®.

Our dedication to socially responsible service is guided by the following convictions:

Thinking Human: Crystal cares about people. Our internal and external support extends far beyond those with whom we have daily interactions. We are proud to support and collaborate with numerous humanitarian organizations who aid disadvantaged individuals and communities, from providing a safe, nurturing home for underprivileged children to helping break the cycle of poverty.

Thinking Green: Crystal cares about the planet. From the environmentally-friendly operation of our ships to sourcing local products, Crystal has been examining and implementing green practices since the company’s inception. Our green-friendly convictions extend to preservation of all kinds: not just preservation of our fragile eco-system but of the cultures, cultural artifacts, and full spectrum of life contained within them.
We convey our commitment to these interests via the following initiatives whose values encompass one or both of the above ideologies:

• Crystal Clean® - Crystal’s green ethos in practice.
• You Care, We Care - Complimentary guest voluntourism program started in 2011.
• Clean the World - Toiletry recycling program that fights deadly illness in sanitation-challenged communities.
• Purchasing Guidelines - Principles and practices that guide and affect Crystal’s purchasing decisions.
• Charitable Contributions - Donations to broader-based charitable causes that supplement our direct assistance programs.