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Crystal is dedicated to preserving the marine environment and oceans upon which our ships sail.

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The Crystal Clean Initiative


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Crystal Cruises recognizes that our wonderful world is precious and fragile. We are committed to developing plans for preventing pollution, complying with worldwide environmental regulations, and continually improving our environmental management system to minimize and reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

We are also dedicated to raising shipboard and shoreside awareness of responsible and respectful treatment of the environments through which we travel. We accomplish these commitments by:

• Encouraging our guests and employees to actively support our "Crystal Clean®" environmental and educational efforts both on board and shoreside
• Developing familiarization programs for our shipboard and shoreside employees, and encouraging them to support the implementation of our environmental policies
• Complying with relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and striving to exert further efforts in maintaining the environment by developing our own standards
• Striving for the safe operation of our vessels as this is the fundamental factor for environmental protection
• Conserving natural resources and energy without compromising safety standards or guest services
• Promoting the use of recycled materials and other environmentally responsible products and materials
• Protecting the environment by practicing responsible waste management, as well as attempting to develop innovative and cost-effective ways to prevent and reduce pollution
• Encouraging our suppliers to follow sound environmental practices and to assist us in achieving our environmental goals
• Periodically settling, evaluating and improving our environmental objectives and targets to ensure that our performance is consistent with our environmental vision
• Establishing and maintaining a dialog with the public concerning our environmental activities and supporting public environmental activities as part of our social responsibility

All our guests are encouraged, and our employees are expected, to make every effort to adhere to these policies in our continuing efforts to protect our world for future generations.