Crystal Debussy Itineraries & Changes To Dutch Entry Requirements

  • Issued Wednesday, September 8, 2021 9pm EST

    Crystal River Cruises continues to monitor the Netherlands’ updated entry requirements for residents of select countries, including the United States, which began September 4 and, as such, we have the following update for our guests. 

    Please see the below update when Crystal Debussy sails Amsterdam-Basel:

    As the requirements currently stand, travelers from high-risk areas who are staying in the Netherlands for a short stay (12 hours or less) are exempt from the self-quarantine rule. Therefore, if guests are traveling from a very high-risk country directly into the Netherlands and are planning a pre-cruise hotel/land stay, we recommend they change their hotel arrangements to some other country within the EU and/or plan to fly into Amsterdam on embarkation day arriving no later than 2 p.m.  

    So that all of our guests can enjoy their vacation, we are making a slight modification to Crystal Debussy’s itinerary by sailing at 6 p.m. on embarkation day, rather than remaining in Amsterdam overnight.  On Day 2 of the itinerary, we have added Düsseldorf, Germany with a 2 p.m. arrival and the ship remaining overnight.  The balance of the itinerary will remain as scheduled.  

    Our website will be updated within the next week with this information and new tickets will be issued to reflect this change. Please note: should the Dutch government later drop the quarantine requirement we will revert back to our originally-planned itinerary and notify our guests of that change.

    As a reminder, travelers from very high-risk areas will now need to show a negative COVID test (PCR or Antigen) to the carrier (air, bus or rail) that is transporting them into the Netherlands. Travelers who take a PCR test must do so no more than 48 hours prior to arrival in the Netherlands and travelers who take an antigen test must do so no more than 24 hours before arrival. 

    Please see the below update when Crystal Debussy sails Basel-Amsterdam:

    While the new entry rules currently list Germany as a high-risk area, travelers who enter the Netherlands from Germany are currently not subject to self-quarantine or testing.  Therefore, we believe Crystal Debussy’s itinerary that starts in Basel and sails to Amsterdam, which includes 1-night aboard Crystal Debussy in Amsterdam at the end of the cruise, will be able to operate as planned.  

    Guests may find details of the entry rules, including a definition of very high-risk areas, on this site maintained by the Dutch government. We strongly encourage our guests to check the website for further updates as they get closer to travel.

    We are contacting all affected guests, and their travel advisers, with details of these updates. As our call volume is high at present, we kindly ask for your patience and check back here for further updates. We thank you for your understanding.  
    Crystal River Cruises has developed strict health and safety protocols in response to COVID-19 and was the first River cruise line to require 100 percent mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for all guests and crew. The line and its guests will always be in full compliance with all local and global requirements, and we will continue to update our protocols as appropriate.  


  • Issued: Friday, September 3, 2020 5:00pm EST

    Statement Re: Crystal Debussy Sailings and Updated Entry Requirements for The Netherlands

    Today, the Netherlands updated its entry requirements with more restrictive regulations for residents of select countries, including the United States, beginning September 4. 

    This week, Crystal Debussy will sail a slightly modified itinerary by departing the Netherlands earlier than scheduled so that our guests can stay in compliance with the restrictions.  

    We are Further evaluating the entry rules to determine how the new restrictions might affect our upcoming departures beginning on September 13 and beyond.  We will notify guests, in chronological order, with any updates that may arise as we determine the best course of action to enable our guests to enjoy their vacation.  

    As our call volume is high at present, we kindly ask for your patience for our updates.