Crystal River Cruises and Crystal Endeavor's Guests Entry Into EU & Schengen Countries

  • Issued Tuesday, August 31, 2021 11:30am EST

    Statement on European Union's Recently Released Guidance for Entry into EU and Schengen Member Countries for Crystal Guests Traveling from the United States and other select countries 

    There has been new guidance issued by the European Union (EU) which calls for member states to reinstate travel entry restrictions blocking non-essential travel (which includes tourism) on residents of the United States and several other countries.  More importantly, the guidance does suggest member states can choose to lift travel restrictions on fully vaccinated travelers.   
    Currently, there is no one entry requirement for all EU and Schengen countries. Each sovereign state decides its own entry requirements, including restrictions due to COVID-19. Throughout this crisis, there has been precedent where member states have set aside EU recommendations and crafted their own entry policies; most notably Spain, Greece and Iceland have done so earlier this year.    

    To date, none of the countries on our itineraries have indicated if they will implement the EU’s recommendation in full or even at all. We are encouraged the EU has taken the step of recognizing the inherently lower risk profile of vaccinated travelers.  

    As Crystal River Cruises has led the way in requiring 100% vaccinated guests and crew, at present we believe all Crystal Debussy and Crystal Ravel departures for 2021 will be able to continue as planned.  

    Additionally, Crystal Endeavor’s guests 12 and older are fully vaccinated 14 days prior to boarding as well as all crew. There are no planned changes for the ship’s itineraries at this time. 

    We will continue to monitor the situation and advise our guests of any changes that may arise out of this ever-evolving situation.  

    Our crew and vessels are ready to receive all guests in true Crystal fashion, so it is our hope that we will be able to continue with our cruise departures unhindered. All affected guests and their travel advisor have been advised of this important information.

    On behalf of everyone at Crystal, we thank our guests and travel partners for their continued understanding and patience.