Advisory Alert: Processing of Refunds

  • Processing & Issuance of Cruise Refunds

    UPDATED Thursday, June 18, 2020 1PM EST 

    Crystal continues to diligently work to serve our guests for travel changes as a result of the evolving COVID-19 situation. We ask for your understanding that, given the voluntary suspension of cruise operations across our entire fleet, we are receiving an unprecedented number of claims that need to be processed individually. This is a manual process and, where our reservation and payment systems can handle a normal refund environment efficiently and smoothly, they were not designed to handle this volume in such a short period of time. We are further impacted as our team members are working remotely in observance of stay-at-home orders. All credit card processors are in a similar place and are affected by the sheer volume of refunds, which is further constraining the process and causing delays on their end as well.

    To date, Crystal has processed millions of dollars in refunds and we continue working through our queue to address each guest’s claim in the order it is received (with the estimated 90-day timeline beginning at date of cancellation, not scheduled sail date).

    As we assess global travel restrictions and the voyage cancellations they require, the volume of refunds to be processed continues to ebb and flow. Please know that our team is diligently working to ensure each of your refunds are addressed in the timeliest manner possible, still working within the projected 90 days in most instances. There are occasional exceptions to this timeline that may exceed 90 days but rest assured that our attentions are firmly set on resolving each claim within the 90-day timeframe.