Excursion - Akureyri, Iceland   

Highlights of Northern Iceland

From bubbling mud pots to mystical lava landscapes, the dramatically beautiful and sometimes otherworldly scenery of Northern Iceland, at the top of many travelers’ must-see lists, is the focus of today’s outing.

Price varies by year
  • Excursion
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  • Walking
  • Approximate
    6 Hours

Depart the pier for your scenic, 90-minute journey to Námaskard, venturing through fertile farmlands that are home to tens of thousands of birds, among them a variety of duck species.

Arriving at Námaskard Solfataras, stop to appreciate the amazing geothermal field, full of mud pots, steam vents, sulphur deposits, boiling springs and fumaroles. The experience seems to transport you to another world, if not another planet, as you marvel at the incredible colors, witness steam rising from deep within the Earth’s crust and hear air bubbles popping and bursting in the soupy mud.

Close by is Dimmuborgir, a dramatic lava landscape with strange formations, columns and arches that have been the fodder of many Icelandic folktales. The name means “twilight castles,” an appropriately magical moniker for this peculiar place.

After your visit to this unique lava labyrinth, head to Skútustadir, where you will enjoy refreshments of bread with cheese, ham, Icelandic cakes, pastries, coffee and tea at a local restaurant.

Refreshed, embark on your next Icelandic experience, a visit to the Skútustadir pseudo-craters. Formed by gas explosions caused by boiling lava flowing over the wetlands near the lake, the craters are a popular place for birdwatchers and an official haven for wildlife, as this area has been designated a natural wetlands conservation site.

Before your outing concludes, there is yet one more astounding sight to see, the Godafoss Waterfall. Reaching this natural wonder with a drive along the picturesque coastline of Eyjafjordur fjord, you will stop to admire one of Iceland’s most spectacular falls, cascading from a height of 40 feet across a width of 100 feet to create a dramatic natural scene.
From here, enjoy the 45-minute return to the pier.

Important Notes:
Guests should be aware that there is an approximately 90-minute drive from the pier to Námaskard; however, the fascinating sights included in this excursion are its main focus and more than compensate for the length of the journey. As this excursion involves walking over uneven surfaces, including lava terrain, it is not recommended for guests with walking difficulties. It is recommended that guests dress in warm, layered clothing and wear sturdy walking shoes or boots. Guests should also bring raingear in case of inclement weather. The order of sights visited may vary. This excursion will operate in all weather conditions.